NCT Dream’s Chenle’s Face When Asked What He Would Do If Rejected Is All Of Us

Jisung asked poor Chenle a very hard question.

NCT Dream‘s Chenle was at a loss for words when asked what he would do when faced with rejection.

On October 2, episode 15 of ChenJi’s This And That was uploaded to their Youtube channel, NCT Daily. ChenJi’s This And That is a show where Chenle and Jisung play around with games and materials that are mostly crafts.

In this particular episode, the maknae-duo of NCT were presented with craft materials from the 90’s. The first object Chenle pulled out was a strip of paper, which he immediately identified as an Origami Paper Wish Star.

As he folded the paper into a star-shape, he explained how one should make lots of these stars, fill a jar with it, and give the full jar to the person that they have a crush on.

Jisung then asked the million dollar question:


What if the person doesn’t like you back and says “I don’t want this”?

Chenle’s face took on a priceless expression as he struggled to find an answer:


Innocent Chenle revealed that he doesn’t know because he’s never tried it!


Watch the episode here!