NCT Dream’s Haechan Accidentally-On-Purpose Exposed Jaemin’s New Hair Color And Fans Are Scrambling For Answers

Spoiler King Haechan’s back at it!

This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill: Jaemin has pink hair again!

On October 23, NCT Dream‘s Haechan and Renjun held a live broadcast to talk to their fans, NCTzens. They covered a wide variety of topics while constantly poking fun at one another, and also sincerely thanked fans for their support, because of which an extra day has now been added for their upcoming concert tour announced earlier!


Somewhere in the middle of their broadcast, Jaemin walked in and began participating in the broadcast with them. As soon as he sat down, however, Haechan began to mercilessly tease him and continuously exposed him:

But being the real spoiler-king that Haechan is, he gave fans the biggest clue for what to look forward to at the concert when he accidentally-on-purpose flipped Jaemin’s cap to fully expose the pink hair underneath that Jaemin was working so hard to hide!


Fans have been going wild with speculations about his new hair color:


Jaemin previously sported pink hair during NCT Dream’s 2018 comeback, “We Go Up”, and received lots of attention for how well he pulled off the color.

What do you think of Jaemin’s old/new hair color? What do you think it means?