NCT Dream’s Renjun Fanboyed Hard Over SEVENTEEN’s Jun And The8 On His Own Radio Show

He also promoted SEVENTEEN’s new “Hit”

NCT Dream’s Renjun has been granted the opportunity to do his first solo activity since debut, as a host of his own radio show.

This week, Renjun discussed the latest and most popular music in South Korea, and his home country China.

Under this topic, Renjun revealed that he had to talk about his love for SEVENTEEN’s recent comeback with “Hit”.

Renjun commented that what he loved most about “Hit” was the EDM elements. He felt that this song was the perfect summer “hit” and encouraged the audience to listen to the song.

The radio host also highlighted that SEVENTEEN had two Chinese members, Jun and The8.

Renjun revealed that he had previously met both members on music shows, when their groups were promoting at the same time.

With both Jun and The8 being members of SEVENTEEN’s Performance Unit, Renjun commented that he is incredibly impressed with their dance skill. 

“Hit” provided the perfect opportunity for both Jun and The8 to showcase their performance talent, as both feature as centers of the song’s choreography.

Previously, fans have spotted Renjun and Jun’s close interactions, especially earlier this year when Jun accidentally came across as an NCT Dream member.

As both NCT Dream and SEVENTEEN had made recent comebacks, Renjun commented that he was able to talk with Jun at Music Bank, showing that their friendship is still going strong.

Additionally, Renjun also highlighted that The8 are from the same geographical region Dongbei or Northeast China.

Jun, being from Southern China, had previously mentioned Renjun to The8 on live broadcast, because both had a “Dongbei” accent when speaking Mandarin Chinese.

Both NCT Dream and SEVENTEEN are known for their experimental concepts, jaw-dropping choreography and heartwarming chemistry.

With many members expressing their support for each other, fans hope that this can blossom into something more stronger and iconic.