NCT Dream’s Renjun Was Left Adorably Speechless After Fans Complained About Being Single For More Than Ten Years

“I think I will be single for the next 10 years”

NCT Dream’s Renjun has been the MC of his own radio broadcast for the past month and he has been having a blast with it!

His live broadcasts have been a great way for him to connect to fans and to discuss with them his personal thoughts and feelings.

He also enjoys giving advice to his fans who comment about facing difficulties.

In a recent live broadcast, Renjun recommended a few love songs to his fans, including Bruno Mars’s “Just The Way You Are”.

He encouraged his fans to let their crush know how they feel about them. He urged the audience to not hesitate in letting someone know their feelings about that person.

What he didn’t expect was that many fans couldn’t relate because they weren’t in a relationship.

With the subject of love, Renjun was surprised with how strongly some fans responded.

And it was less about love, and moreso about how exasperated they were about their non-existent love life.

One fan curtly commented that she had been single for almost as long as Renjun has been alive.

I have been single for 16 years

Thrown off of his element, Renjun urged fans not to laugh at this person.

We shouldn’t laugh … don’t laugh

It was another fan’s comment that truly left Renjun speechless.

16 years is nothing. I’m 20 years old but I think I will be single for the next 10 years

Renjun was at a loss for words.

He didn’t even know how to react at these comments.

Is it worse if I laugh, or if I cry?

Once Renjun found the words he wanted to say, he eloquently changed the subject from love and gave a mature response.

He reassured these fans that there is nothing wrong with being single.

Renjun highlighted that being single gives individuals a wonderful chance at learning to be comfortable and accept themselves.

16 years … It’s okay because we live our life to the very end just by ourselves anyways. 16 years is nothing in comparison

That is important because no matter what, the person who should always have our own back is ourselves.

And even so, there is still so much time for people to patiently search for the one.

So if you’re ever feeling sad about being single, know that Renjun’s got just the right advice for you.