NCT Dream’s Renjun Reveals The Surprisingly Simple Way He Takes Care Of The Environment

Renjun is a strong believer in protecting the environment

With fears of the impacts of climate change in the near future, nations have opted to shift towards a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable pathway.

While the aim is to reduce the environmental impact of the human population, change can only be real when it starts at the individual level.

NCT Dream’s Renjun recently revealed his feelings about this on his radio show, where he addressed that it is important to promote environmental protection so that the world can be a cleaner and more liveable place for everyone.

He encouraged the listeners to do their part in protecting the environment. Even if this is a small change in their lifestyle, any beneficial change can contribute to a positive impact.

A small change can do so much for the environment!

One small change that has inspired Renjun was something he has started noticing at cafes.

He realised that an increasing number of people were bringing their own reusable cups to cafes, rather than using up a disposable cup.

Bringing your own cup is a great method of helping to reduce waste in landfills, especially plastic which tends not to be biodegradable.

Every time you don’t have to throw away a disposable cup is one step in reducing landfill waste which can have detrimental effects on the environment.

Ever since he found this remarkably simple yet ingenious method, Renjun has stated that he has followed this example by bringing his own travel cup when going to cafes.

He stated that he was inspired to see how people are making a difference at the individual level to restrict environmental damage, as he stated that no matter how small change is, it can always contribute to making a visible difference.

I’ve noticed recently when people go to cafes, they bring their own environmentally friendly cups! I’m starting to do so as well, even though it’s a small action

Furthermore, Renjun also used his influence and visibility as an idol to encourage fans to make small changes in their lives that will help them play their part in protecting the environment.

In the spirit of the live broadcast, Renjun recommended “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer as a song choice.

This song centers on Mayer’s feelings about his generation’s inaction to change the current world situation because young people feel that they don’t have the power or awareness to do so.

With Renjun’s advice, fans are aware that there are still simple things we can do in our own lives, and encourage others to do, which can have massive impacts.

Fans have been appreciative of Renjun’s words and his simple action that can go a long way.

With idols having such influence, Renjun uses his power as a celebrity to urge fans to contribute to a positive impact.