Fans Combined The Faces Of NCT Members And The Results May Shock You

They prove that all the members are shockingly handsome.

Fans have compiled a series of edited photos that combine the faces of the NCT members and netizens are shocked at the results. This is because the combination of the members’ faces was so strikingly beautiful:

Jaehyun + Jeno


Jaehyun + WinWin


Jaehyun + Taeyong


Mark + WinWin


Jungwoo + Jaehyun


NCT 127


NCT Dream




After seeing these photos, netizens could not hide their surprise for how good-looking each of the members must be to come up with such a perfect face combination.

  • “Seriously NCT’s faces are like welfare.”
  • “Dayam.”
  • “Purifying my eyes…”
  • “Can’t help but fangirl when there are 21 good-looking guys in one group.”
Source: Pann Nate