NCT 127 Fans Criticized For Pushing Past A Security Staff During Offline Concert In Daegu

This isn’t the first time.

SBS‘s Super Concert in Daegu took place just recently on October 31, 2021. While the stellar lineup of NCT 127, Somi, ATEEZ and more stunned the crowd, things went a little awry as the show progressed. The concert was kept seated to respect social distancing rules, but a group of fans pushed past security and the barricades to get a closer look.

As NCT 127’s song played, a group of NCTzens wielding lightsticks attempted to cross the barrier to get closer to the stage. There was only one security staff present given that there was not supposed to be any mosh pit of any sorts. He can be seen trying to reason with and hold back the fans. The fans had already been illegally gathering near the barricades when it was supposed to be a seated concert.

They then pushed past the security guard. As he failed to stop the first group from passing through, the second group immediately took the chance and followed after. Knowing that he was no match for the crowd, he seems to have given up restraining them.

NCTzens faced backlash for repeating their rowdy behavior.

| theqoo
  • “It’s them alright. It’s ‘STICKER’. I wanted to join the fandom but whenever I see this… such feelings cool down.”
  • “You guys again?”
  • “Scary”
  • “Frustrating NCT”
  • “It’s a portion of NCT’s fandom again.”
  • “Again?”
  • “How consistent.”

The video can be viewed below.

This is not the first time that NCTzens have been criticized for not following rules at concerts. Just a few days ago, NCTzens were caught blocking the view and crossing the barricades at 2021 K-Pop in Suncheon for NCT Dream.

This criticism comes with fear that offline concerts will soon be off the tables again if such behavior keeps up.

Source: theqoo