NCT’s Haechan Asked If The Group’s 99-Line Are Close…Things Got Awkward Fast

It got REAL awkward.

NCT‘s Haechan and Taeil recently had the 99-line group members as guests, and the Q&A session turned out to be a hilariously awkward one!

On the most recent episode of Welcome To Sun&Moon, Haechan and Taeil invited the group’s 99-line (consisting of Mark, Lucas, Xiaojun and Hendery) to appear as guests for episode 2 of the show, while Doyoung showed up as a guest behind the camera to watch the segment!

As they talked and got to know each other, Haechan asked the million-dollar question- were the 99-line members close?

So here are the 99z. Are you guys close?


After a bit of shifting around, Mark looked up brightly and said;

We are very…super.


Doyoung’s reaction to this said it all, and it was at this moment that Xiojun chose to totally expose Mark!

We met for the first time yesterday.


Being caught in an awkward moment, Mark began to do some damage control—stat!

First off for me…Let me be honest. Except for Lucas… Xiojun and Hendery. They’re so.. You can tell that they’re close.

So anyway.. We are growing…closer to each other. Honestly, really.

Honestly, we are becoming closer.


Haechan then backed him up, and further explained how the 99-line will become closer with the help of this show!

They met not that long ago, they can’t be close already. This is a show that helps you to become closer.



With the NCT family constantly expanding, it’s normal for some members to not be close to others because of the sheer size of the group.

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Let’s hope the 99-line get closer through Welcome To Sun&Moon soon!

You can watch the segment here from 2:02 onwards!