NCT Haechan Temporarily Halts All Activities Due To Leg Injury

SM Entertainment made an official statement.

SM Entertainment announced that NCT‘s Haechan will be sitting out on all scheduled year-end activities due to a leg injury. They explained that he had sprained his ankle while preparing for an upcoming performance. When he visited the hospital to get it treated, the doctor found that he had actually fractured his shin bone.

Due to his injury, Haechan’s leg was put in a cast, and he will be focusing on his recovery for an unspecified amount of time until he is able to get back on his feet.



We would like to make an announcement to the fans.

While recently preparing for a performance, HAECHAN sprained his ankle and was taken to the hospital. It was diagnosed that he fractured his shin bone, so he is currently in a cast and taking a break.

As a result, HAECHAN will not be participating in the year-end schedules. He will be following the doctor’s orders to focus on treatment and recovery for the time being.

We ask for everyone’s understanding.

Thank you.”

— SM Entertainment

Source: SMTOWN