NCT’s Haechan Shares His Thoughts About Having An Instagram Account And Whether He’ll Keep It

Haechan recently did his first-ever livestream on his new, personal account!

NCT‘s Haechan did his first-ever livestream on his personal Instagram account last night! The idol played around with the in-app filters and also answered some questions from fans.

Haechan from NCT. | @nct127/Instagram

Because his and Jungwoo‘s accounts were made just for the upcoming album, some fans are concerned Haechan will delete his account once it’s released. One fan sent in a question through Instagram’s “Question” feature asking Haechan, “Don’t delete this account after the promotions.” Haechan took some time to explain that he’s still thinking about whether or not he’ll keep it.

| @fullsun_ncit/Instagram 

But in the meantime, he said “I’ll try to use it a lot and have fun with it during the promotion period.

| @fullsun_ncit/Instagram 

When another fan asked him, “How do you feel about starting Instagram?” Haechan said that it feels cool, but shared his worries about posting.

Uh… I feel, let’s see… It’s cool. But earlier, when I went live, I realized…it’s definitely quite hard. In fact, I have to post pictures on Instagram, but my selfie aesthetics are Bubble aesthetics, so it’s a bit far from Instagram aesthetics, I think. And when I look at other hyungs doing it, they’re really good. They post a lot of pretty photos and stuff… I’ll have to think about it a bit more.

— Haechan

| @fullsun_ncit/Instagram 

Haechan has stated in the past that he had no interest in creating an Instagram account. On his radio show 37.5MHz HAECHAN Radio, Haechan said that because they have Bubble, he would rather focus on that. Furthermore, he claimed he isn’t good at taking photos which is a big part of Instagram.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

He also said that the only feature that he would likely use is the livestream one! He certainly seemed to enjoy that as he spent the last part of his Instagram live flipping through the different filters and giving fans time to screenshot him.

| @fullsun_ncit/Instagram
| @fullsun_ncit/Instagram 

Whether or not Haechan decides to keep his Instagram account, only time will time. But until then, fans can enjoy his lovely Bubble selfies, VLIVE streams, and Instagram stories!

Source: Instagram and NCT 127