NCT’s Haechan Teases Plans For A Personal Instagram Account And Now Fans Are Imagining The Possibilities

The selfies, the lives, the covers…more Haechan content is definitely a must.

NCT‘s Haechan has gotten fans excited after teasing a decision to start his own personal Instagram—something that many NCTzens have been waiting for for a long time. Now that a Haechan personal Instagram account is a very real possibility, fans can’t help but imagine all the different kinds of content that we might get.

| @nct127/Instagram

Haechan communicated to fans his plans to start an Instagram account while chatting on the platform Dear U. Bubble, saying that, while it’s not decided when it will be officially announced, he certainly intends to start one.

The account he already has, which is @fullsun_ncit, hasn’t really been used much, safe for some memorable Instagram live streams…

…and has only had one post uploaded to it. But despite the minimal use it has seen, it still has an impressive 2.9 million followers! Haechan claims that this account was only for promotion, which is why he now plans to start one for personal use.

The news was so exciting that Haechan almost immediately began trending under multiple different hashtags…

…so one can only imagine what will happen when his account officially goes live.

Here is what fans want to see when it does: selfies, covers, fun videos of him playing with filters, fun Instagram lives…

…all things that will be a great new way to connect more with him.

And, of course, fans are also looking forward to the day Haechan joins Instagram to see Mark welcome him the way he did when Taeyong, Renjun, and Taeil first joined.

Overall, it seems like this is proving to be a good year so far for fans of Haechan, as not only has he teased a personal Instagram (and therefore more Haechan content), he has also finally released his long-awaited first OST.

One fan even hilariously pointed out that this might indeed be a sign of ‘better days’ after all!

Many fans also can’t help but feel grateful for all the hard work Haechan’s putting in to his career and for always doing his best to stay connected with fans.

Now that he’s teased fans like this, it hopefully won’t be too long before he officially opens his account! After all, NCTzens will be there to support him in everything he does.


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