NCT’s Hair Stylist Chooses Their Favorite Hairstyles And Fans Are Sharing Their Opinions

“This is so hard to choose…”

NCT‘s hair stylist recently revealed their favorite hairstyles they’ve done!

For their hair and makeup, NCT visit Bit&Boot salon, which also works with other idols like EXOTHE BOYZ, and BTS! NCT in particular often work with Park Naeju, the CEO, and Han Song Hee, a hairstylist.

Han Song Hee posted this photo on Instagram of the NCT U members for “Make A Wish.” | @bit.boot_1shee/Instagram

The stylist was asked, “Out of all the styles you’ve done, which hairstyle was your favorite??

The stylist’s Instagram story.

They said it was hard to choose, and gave a few different options for their favorite!

This is hard to choose…It’s not just from this day but there’s a few?…! From 2018.09.22…and the music video of ‘Kick It’…as well as magazines…etc, etc.

— NCT’s stylist

They didn’t specify which idol they meant, but on September 22, 2018, NCT DREAM performed “We Go Up” on Show! Music Core! One particularly iconic look is Haechan‘s multi-colored hair from this era.

Back: Jaemin; Middle: Jeno, Jisung, Haechan, Chenle; Front: Renjun, Mark.

“Kick It” era saw a lot of the members with slicked-back hair and exposed foreheads!

Han Song Hee posted this photo of NCT 127. | @bit.boot_1shee/Instagram

Some legendary looks included Mark‘s bold blond streaks, Taeyong‘s and Yuta‘s bleached hair, and Haechan’s two-tone mullet.

The photo they included in their story was from the time NCT 127 attended the American Music Awards in 2018!

The members were dressed in sleek black tuxedos and many of them had their hair pushed back, including Jaehyun whose comma-like fringe tied the whole look together.

Fans have been discussing the stylist’s choices and sharing their love for certain members’ hairstyles on these days!

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