NCT’s Hendery Shows Off Sexy Side In “Vogue” Photos, And No One Was Ready

Hendery went from fluffy cutie to sizzling hot 🔥

Most of the time WayV‘s Hendery is spotted, he’s usually sporting a funny facial expression that instantly becomes the newest meme for NCTzens. Other times, he looks like a total cutie.

From a preview of NCT U‘s upcoming feature in Vogue Korea‘s December issue, Hendery reminded everyone he could play the part of sexy as well.

Through their Instagram account, Vogue Korea teased some of the photos of the “Work It” unit that fans could look forward to. Even though the photos were briefly shown, fans got right to work in making them high-quality.

While all the members were serving looks, Hendery’s individual photos stood out.

| @cherry__tarte/Twitter

From his bright pink hair to the way he gazed at the camera, fans were going wild for how much he slayed the look.


With his hair covering one eye and his shirt gaping open, Hendery had the sexy look mastered. If these photos were just a taste of what to expect from the issue, everyone will definitely be wanting more.


It wasn’t the first time Hendery showed off his sexy side for the magazine. When WayV featured in a past issue, Hendery was just as sizzling with his abs on display.

Between Hendery and the rest of the members’ sexy photos, NCTzens will definitely be running to buy a copy.


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