NCT’s Jaehyun Accidentally Tore A Fan’s Signed Album, But His Reaction Is Adorable

He didn’t just let it slide!

NCT‘s handsome vocalistย Jaehyun is known for his polite, kind personality, and a recent video posted by a fan showcases this perfectly!

A lucky NCTzen was undoubtedly excited to receive a signed album from the group, but when they unpackaged the album, they were met with a surprising and unexpected sight.

It appears that Jaehyun had accidentally ripped the fan’s album in the process of signing it. Instead of just ignoring his error, however, he left a cute “sorry” with a smiley face that just added an extra special touch to an already valuable album!

While receiving a torn K-Pop album is never ideal, Jaehyun went out of his way to make the unintentional destruction something that the fan could get a laugh out of.

Here are some fan reactions to the cute tweet.