NCT’s Jaehyun Reportedly To Join Cast Of Upcoming K-Drama, “Bungee Jumping Of Their Own”

It is a remake of a 2001 movie starring Lee Byung Hun.

It has been reported that NCT‘s Jaehyun will be appearing in an upcoming K-Drama, Bungee Jumping Of Their Own. The drama will be aired on a streaming platform and is a remake of a movie. According to a representative from the industry, Jaehyun has already decided on appearing and is currently in the midst of working out the conditions.

The original movie starred Lee Eun Ju and Lee Byung Hun in a love story that spans the ages. The two characters, In Woo and Tae Hee, are college freshmen who didn’t believe in love at first sight, but later find themselves in a relationship. They promise to seal their love with a bungee jump but Tae Hee dies suddenly. Fast forward into the future and In Woo is happily married with a family 17 years later. He still cannot forget Tae Hee. One day, a student comes into his life. The student reminds him of Tae Hee, from the way he acts to what he says. He tries to uncover the mystery of who this student is in hopes of meeting Tae Hee again.

The drama will have 16 episodes of 25 minutes each and plans to start filming from January 2022. It will air on KakaoTV as an original. Jaehyun will play the role of Lim Hyun Bin, the student that came into In Woo’s life. It is said that he decided on appearing in the drama due to his trust in the script and in the original movie.

This is Jaehyun’s second challenge at acting but may be his first broadcasted show. Previously, he starred in KBS2‘s Dear M, but the show failed to air on time after a bullying controversy surrounding the female lead. It is still unknown if it will be aired.

Bungee Jumping Of Their Own is scheduled to air in the later half of 2022. The rest of the cast has not yet been confirmed. SM Entertainment has not yet given a statement.

Source: Star News