NCT Jaehyun’s Past Classmates Reveal Proof Of His True Personality

Everyone is in agreement.

Numerous idols who have attended the School of Performing Arts Seoul, an arts high school in Seoul, seem to agree on NCT Jaehyun‘s true character.


Earlier in the year, various posts made by Jaehyun before his debut were brought to the attention of netizens.

NCT Jaehyun’s Past Brought to Light


The posts he left on online cafes, SNS accounts and private messages have convinced fans that Jaehyun was truly beautiful at heart, as well as extremely well-mannered. A Facebook message to his friend from middle school showed how caring he really was!

“To. Miles.M.Kim

I was really surprised at your sudden plans to go to Australia. Didn’t you ask how to speak English well a while back?

When I was in America, it was important to go up to good friends or hyungs for help. If you have good friends and hyungs, they’ll teach you a lot~ Of course it won’t be a problem for you… Also, you have to be actively involved~

Have a safe trip to Australia~ Let’s send emails~

P.S. I don’t know the spelling of your English name, so please understand even if it’s wrong… Fighting~!!!

Minwoo’s best friend,
Jung Jaehyun”

— Jaehyun


Fans have even found an online post dating back to 2014 on the school website written by one of the students who wrote that they’d like to become friends with Jaehyun.


I’d like to become friends with Jung Jaehyun in Grade 2. But I can’t approach him. Please deliver this message to him for me. I like you.”

— Anonymous Classmate


This great image of Jaehyun was only confirmed when numerous idols talked about him on radio broadcasts. DIA‘s Chaeyeon once mentioned that Jaehyun was a hard-working student who was also very popular.

“[Jaehyun] attended class diligently and…and he was very popular among his fellow students.”



CLC‘s Yeeun confirmed this fact on a radio broadcast as well.

“I knew Jaehyun sunbaenim because I heard very often from friends that he was really popular.”



In fact, JBJ‘s Hyunbin referred to him as a “superstar” of their school.

“[Jaehyun] was a superstar at our school.”



SEVENTEEN‘s DK had also mentioned that Jaehyun was extremely handsome back in high school.

“I couldn’t really approach Jaehyun because he was so handsome.”



With so many compliments from his fellow high school mates – both idols and non-celebrities alike – it seems like Jaehyun was a true superstar since he was in high school! Not only was he a beauty on the outside…


He is also overflowing with charms on the inside as well!

Source: Pann Nate