NCT’s Jaehyun Politely Turned Down A Fan’s Request For Aegyo

At least the fan was polite enough to ask, too!

The topic of aegyo is one that is relatively controversial among some K-Pop fans. While some idols seem to enjoy doing the cutesy act, others seem to dread it, and are visibly unhappy when requested to do so by fans.

BTS’s Jimin

Some fans even find idols doing aegyo cringy, and others complain when people request idols to do it even when they’re known to not enjoy it.

Despite this, it’s still fairly common for fans to request that their favorite idols do aegyo during fansigns, which are, for the most part, accepted, even though it’s likely that some idols aren’t comfortable doing it.

Recently, however, NCT member Jaehyun got attention from netizens for his response to a fan who asked if it was alright for him to do aegyo. She was polite in her request, and Jaehyun responded with equal politeness, telling her simply that no, it wasn’t okay.

Many fans have spoken up in support of Jaehyun’s response, glad that he was honest about not wanting to perform the cutesy act instead of just going along with it.

Hopefully Jaehyun’s response, and fans’ support for his declination, will make other K-Pop idols feel more able to speak up about what they are or aren’t comfortable with during fansigns and other events.