NCT’s Jaehyun References Olympic Athlete Kim Yeon Koung’s Viral Cheer And Gets Noticed By Her

“Let’s do it! Leave no regrets!”

During a recent livestream, NCT‘s Jaehyun made a reference to Olympic athlete Kim Yeon Koung and even got noticed by the volleyball star herself!

Jaehyun from NCT. | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Jaehyun, Taeil, and Jungwoo did a VLIVE stream from their car. The three were discussing Jungwoo’s new role as MC on MBC’s Music Core when Jaehyun suddenly cheered him on by saying “Let’s do it, let’s do it, let’s do it! Leave no regrets!” Taeil and Jungwoo joined in and did the chant as well.

This was in reference to something Kim Yeon Koung said to cheer on her team! As the former captain of the South Korean women’s national volleyball team, Kim went viral when she said this during their match against the Dominican Republic.

The Korean team was losing the set so Kim shouted this to raise morale once again. She even brought a news reporter to tears with her strength! Her team went on to win this match.

MBC commentators Hwang Yeon Joo (left) and Heo Il Woo (right). | Dispatch

Both K-fans and international fans of Jaehyun posted the clip of him quoting Kim. One fan on Twitter was retweeted by Kim Yeon Koung herself!

| @kimyk10/Twitter 

It’s totally an honor to be noticed by the former national team captain herself and Kim certainly has fans among NCT! Hopefully this isn’t the last of interactions between the celebrities and fans can see them interact in person someday.

Source: Twitter, VLIVE, NCT and Dispatch