NCT’s Jaehyun Subtly Lets Fans Know He Sees What They Post Online

He’s watching…👀👀👀

One of the things that many K-Pop fans are afraid of is their idols seeing what they post about them online. NCT‘s Jaehyun just gave fans an indication that he might be lurking online more than they think he is!

NCT’s Jaehyun

NCTzens are fully aware that some of the group members often browse social media and will see what fans say or do. Mark and Johnny have proven they are active on social media even though fans might not see them. They even warned fans not to write something nasty during a Twitter space!

After landing in Chicago for the next portion of NCT 127‘s  NEO CITY: THE LINK tour, Jaehyun decided to go live on Instagram to chat with fans for a while. He looked absolutely gorgeous as he talked about what he did during the day.

Jaehyun also jammed on camera to the new released remix of his solo, “Forever Only.”

Fans loved all these moments, but something happened in the middle of his live that proved he lurks.

Jaehyun sits back in his seat and randomly says, “Let me see. Wait a minute,” in a strange tone. While this means nothing to non-fans, fans quickly realized he was imitating a meme created by fans from a previous live stream!

Fans created meme because of the hilarious way Jaehyun took a screenshot of something someone said before smiling sneakily and often use it as a reaction video!


wait a minute #jaehyun #jeno #fyp

♬ Mary On A Cross – Ghost


Wait a minute🧐#제노#재현#nct

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – LEE – LEE

Fans love the updated version of the clip and are sure he knows he is used as a meme!


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