NCT’s Jaehyun Went Lowkey Viral Simply For How He Looked At A Pair Of Shoes

Get yourself someone that looks at you like Jaehyun looks at these shoes.

K-Pop idols can gain attention for some of the strangest and funniest things, and recently, a video of NCT‘s Jaehyun was making the rounds on Twitter for this kind of reason!

During a livestream on February 28, he along with fellow members Taeil and Doyoung had some fun decorating some high-top sneakers with custom designs.

The results of their labor were undeniably pretty, and shows just how creative the members are outside of music!

However, it’s not the shoes themselves, but actually how Jaehyun reacted to seeing the shoes he designed that has fans laughing.

At one point, Jaehyun just stands and stares at the work he has done, and NCTzens are getting a kick out of the look on his face as he does so 😂

This isn’t the only shoe-related video of Jaehyun that has been spreading around on Twitter, either. Here’s another one of the NCT member looking totally spaced out as he strokes one of the sneakers.

Of course, fan reactions to these videos are quite hilarious as well.

What small action will Jaehyun do to go viral next? 😂