NCT’s Jaehyun Went Red At The Sight of MOMOLAND Members…Here’s Why

Jaehyun’s ears don’t lie.

NCT 127‘s Doyoung, Jaehyun, and Mark as well as MOMOLAND‘s Nancy, JooE, and Yeonwoo recently appeared on Hello Counselor to share some fun facts about themselves.


JooE shared that her concern is that she is a really deep sleeper, and even when Yeonwoo kicks her in the mornings, she still can’t wake up.


Mark confessed that even though he is very young, he isn’t very good with machines.

“He’s never shopped online before.” — Doyoung 


When it was Jaehyun‘s turn to share, he said he can’t hide his feelings because his ears are so honest.


Kim Young Ja asked him if any of the four girls there (including herself), were his ideal type.


That’s when Jaehyun‘s ears started to turn bright red!


It looks like one of these cuties have caught Jaehyun‘s eye.


See the full clip here, including a cute no shoes performance of NCT 127‘S “Touch!”