This Popular Male Idol’s Workout Video Has Fans Floored And Unable To Breathe

“You need to pay to watch this video.”

NCT‘s Jaehyun showed off his usual workout routine in a new “NCT Daily” video, and fans have a lot to say about it!


He showed off his deep-chiseled muscles as he exercised with his personal trainer at a fitness gym.


Fans were able to see how hard he worked in order to gain the muscles that he’s secretly shown off in the past.


Jaehyun’s arms were bulging with power as he went through multiple set of muscle-building exercises!


Fans began praising him, claiming that “people need to pay to see his [workout] video“!


All throughout the difficult training, Jaehyun never once lost his signature smile!


Ever the perfectionist and go-getter, he even asked his trainer to do more sets when they were finished!


Jaehyun’s video took the NCTzen world by storm as “Daily Jaehyun” began trending on Twitter!


Fans couldn’t help but be in awe by his amazing workout routine and stunning build after watching his video!


But what else would you expect from Mr. Perfect?!

Source: Nate Pann