NCT 127’s Jaehyun Was Asked His Honest Thoughts On “Sticker,” And His Response Was A Whole Mood

A lot of people would agree!

When NCT 127 recently released their latest track “Sticker,” it was a song that had NCTzens split. Many have voiced their opinions on the song, from the flute sound in the beginning to the composition! Yet, for a lot of fans, they found “Sticker” growing on them after each listen. Well, it seems like it isn’t just fans who had this feeling!

NCT 127 members | SM Entertainment

The group recently released some footage from the recording of the track. Even from the beginning, the members were told that the song was probably nothing like they’d ever heard before. Although Taeyong loved it instantly, the other members seemed to take more time to voice their opinions.

When the song had finished, there was definitely a range of opinions. While Johnny explained that it was “dope,” Doyoung joked that the only person who could sing it was Taeil.

Yet, all of the members went into the recording booth with a positive, and when it was the turn of member Jaehyun, it was no different. With his wide range and unique tone, it was perfect for the track!

Like all the other members, after his recording, he sat down and shared his thoughts on the song, and it was definitely something that a lot of fans can relate to.

It’s a song that gets better the more you listen to it. It’s better when you hear it the second time. Then, it gets better the third time you listen. Please show it lots of love.

— Jaehyun

After the video was posted, fans took to social media and couldn’t get over just how accurate Jaehyun was. Although some loved it from the first hearing, for many, it took a few listens to really get into it before they became obsessed!

With the song continuing to gain love worldwide, there is no denying that NCT has released another hit, yet it might have taken a bit longer for some people to fall in love with it. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: NCT 127