NCT’s Jaemin Explains His Infamous Iced Americano And Updates Fans On His Coffee Order

“I came to want stronger and stronger caffeine.”

Fans of NCT are sure to know about Jaemin‘s infamous iced americano order: a Venti-sized iced americano with no water and 4 extra shots! On a recent appearance on Eric Nam‘s podcast, K-pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam, Jaemin elaborated on his order, and gave fans an update on his coffee intake.

Jaemin appeared on Eric Nam’s podcast. | @thedivestudios/Twitter

Eric asked Jaemin if it was true that the coffee lover drank 6 cups of coffee a day. Jaemin admitted that he does love coffee, but he didn’t have 6 cups a day.

This is how I drank coffee — when you go to Starbucks, there’s a Venti size, and I would make an order: I would tell them to put in only ice, without water, and put in 8 shots of espresso.

— Jaemin

The idol explained how, when the ice melted from the espresso, it would perfectly fill up the Venti cup. While he didn’t drink 6 cups of that a day, Jaemin revealed he would drink 2 or 3!

Eric (left) interviewed Haechan (off-screen), Jeno (center), and Jaemin (right).

Eric jokingly asked, “And you didn’t have a heart attack?” Jaemin explained that no, he didn’t have a heart attack, but it did raise his tolerance for caffeine. He stated that when he had a normal cup of coffee, it didn’t feel like it had any caffeine!

Because fans were concerned about the idol’s caffeine intake, Jaemin said he began to cut back little by little. He told Eric that he now drinks an average of 2 to 3 cups of “basic” coffee a day.

While NCTzens still enjoy trying out Jaemin’s coffee order for themselves just to see the taste, they’re glad to see the idol taking care of his health.