You Won’t Believe How NCT’s Jaemin Wakes Up Mark In The Morning

“So he (Jaemin) woke me up in the morning…but it felt a little too…”

Back when NCT was in Osaka, Japan for the SMTOWN concert, Mark shared a funny story about how Jaemin woke him up in the morning through a broadcast.


Mark began telling the story and did his best to explain how Jaemin woke him up exactly.

“So he (Jaemin) woke me up in the morning…” — Mark

“But it felt a little too…” — Mark


In the end, however, he seemed a little too embarrassed to continue the story and left fans hanging.

“Ha…” — Mark


Then in a recent episode of Weekly Idol, Mark finally revealed what Jaemin said to wake him up.


While the other members would usually say something along the lines of “Hyung! Wake up!”

“Hyung”, meaning “older brother”, is a term used by guys when speaking to older guys.


Jaemin woke him up by saying, “Oppa~ Wake up!”

“Oppa”, meaning “older brother”, is usually used by girls when speaking to guys and is also a term that is often used in a flirtatious way to show affection for an older guy.


Listening to the story, Jaemin could not lift his head out of embarrassment!


Are these two idols too cute or what?

Source: Pann Nate