NCT’s Jeno Finally Opens An Instagram Account, And His Number 1 Fan Doyoung Is Already All Over It

“As expected of our #1 Jeno stan 😆”

NCT‘s Jeno has finally opened an Instagram account, and both NCTzens and his members couldn’t be happier. In fact, his bestie Doyoung seems to be happier about it than anyone!

Jeno | @leejen_o_423/Instagram

Doyoung | @do0_nct/Instagram

Jeno has often been asked when he would be opening an Instagram account, seeing as most of his members in NCT DREAM already have one (excepting Chenle and Jisung). In fact, only earlier this month, a fan asked him about his plans to open one, though at the time all Jeno could say was, “I’ll tell you about it later.”

And before launching the account, he definitely did so some teasing. He sent a cryptic Dear U. Bubble message to NCTzens that had everyone hoping for even more good news after the many recent events going on with NCT…

…and it had NCTzens hilariously suspecting his motives.

The ‘4:23’ is a reference to his birthday (April 23), which is now part of his new Instagram handle @leejen_o_423.

| @leejen_o_423/Instagram

When his account finally did go live, his members wasted no time in welcoming him to the platform, especially his bestie Doyoung. Doyoung was the first of the members to follow him and comment on his picture, which makes sense given that the two of them have been super close for years!

He even mentioned it to NCTzens, adorably encouraging them to go follow Jeno too.

But of course, he wasn’t the only one. Mark never fails to show up and welcome new members to the platform, so fans are counting on a selfie of the two of them soon!

In the meantime, both Mark and Doyoung have already tagged Jeno’s new account in their Instagram stories, posting cute candid pictures of him.

Renjun has also welcomed Jeno by liking his first post and leaving a sweet comment on it.

While only Mark and Doyoung are following him from among the NCT members…

…his total follower count within the few hours of launching his channel has already reached 1.7 million as of this writing. Yet, even as it continues to grow, NCTzens are already convinced about who his number 1 fan really is.

As for the remaining members’ accounts, some fans have a hilarious explanation as to why Jisung doesn’t have one yet; the official NCT DREAM account is already basically his!

While we have yet to see whether he and Chenle will join in, it seems more likely now that the majority of the members have done so. Check out Jeno’s first post right here!

Source: Instagram