NCT Fans Start Eating Lip Balm For Jeno In A Crazed Challenge

The challenge went too far that other fans stepped in to completely change it around.

During a recent live video session, NCT‘s Jeno confessed that he sometimes thinks lip balms are tasty. Take a look 46:26 of the video below:

“I sometimes find lip balms tasty.”

— Jeno


As a response to his very short mention of tasty lip balms, a large group of fans began a Twitter challenged called “#LipBalmForJenoChallenge”. Fans posted photo proof of eating their lip balms and rating what it tastes like.


Many fans just did it as a show of support for Jeno… if that makes any sense.


Meanwhile, other NCTzens sighed a unified large sigh as they couldn’t believe people would actually eat lip balms for a viral challenge.


Even a lip balm company, Novigo, advised that people stay away from directly eating lip balms no matter how tempting.


Witnessing how fans would do anything for Jeno, a clever fan changed up the #LipBalmForJenoChallenge to #StudyForRenjunChallenge. They challenged other fans to do something more productive for their idols than eat lip balms.


Thankfully, more fans caught onto this trend as NCTzens got together to create a support group for each others’ studies.


With just a few breaths, Jeno and Renjun can change someone’s life from eating lip balms to studying hard!


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