NCT’s Jeno Is Truly The Main Event At New York Fashion Week, And He’s Even Collecting All The A-List Celebrities

Is it a Jeno fanmeeting?

It was recently announced that NCT‘s Jeno would be making history by becoming the first K-Pop star to open New York Fashion Week.

In a press release, fashion brand Peter Do revealed, “It was a natural choice to have Jeno open the show. Jeno embodies the Peter Do man – multifaceted, confident, and a trailblazer,” and it’s hard to dispute their reasoning!

NCT’s Jeno | @leejen_o_423/Instagram

Even as he was leaving Korea, Jeno captured the hearts of netizens with his effortless looks and dazzling visuals.


Fast forward to September 12 (EST), and NCT’s Jeno truly cemented his legendary status at the event. Although many were predicting the look he could be serving, nobody expected it to be just as jaw-dropping sexy as it was.

| @nct/Instagram
| @nct/Instagram
| @nct/Instagram

Dressed in a simple yet perfectly tailored suit and platform shoes, it was enough to drive any netizen crazy… until they also realized he wasn’t actually wearing a shirt!!! Jeno looked cool, calm, and collected in the sexy look.

| @nct/Instagram

Yet, although he shined and captured the hearts of netizens worldwide, he also seemed to attract the attention of celebrities, which isn’t too surprising considering just how handsome he looked.

On NCT’s Instagram, the idol shared some of the huge names he met during the event. In the photo set, the first snap was with actor and 30 Seconds To Mars lead vocalist Jared Leto.

NCT’s Jeno and Jared Leto | @nct/Instagram

From that photo, it seemed like the event easily could’ve been a meet and greet with Jeno (which fans would pay so much money for.) He went on to meet Dove Cameron

NCT’s Jeno and Dove Cameron | @nct/Instagram

American singer and songwriter Sabrina Carpenter

NCT’s Jeno and Sabrina Carpenter | @nct/Instagram

And English singer Ellie Goulding.

NCT’s Jeno and Ellie Goulding | @nct/Instagram

Even inside the show, Jeno was treated like the A-List celebrity he is. Not only did the idol have front-row seats to the show, but he sat next to some of the biggest global stars, including Dove Cameron, Laura Harrier, Doja Cat, and Sabrina Carpenter.

| @cloutnews/Twitter

In fan-taken images of the event, Jeno looked at home on the front row, and his dazzling visuals made him stand out from the celebrity-filled crowd.

| @cottonboy0423/Twitter

In the past, NCT has constantly showcased their influence at some of the biggest global events, whether it was Johnny at the Met Gala or Jaehyun at Milan Fashion Week. Jeno has now joined them and cemented just how iconic the group is.

With so many K-Pop idols set to take New York fashion week by storm, Jeno literally was the perfect person to make the first appearance during the show. With the likes of Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo stealing the hearts at a previous show, Korean stars are truly shining a spotlight on the industry on a global stage.

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Source: @nct/Instagram

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