NCT’s Jeno Is Featuring In SHINee Key’s Upcoming Album, Proving He May Just Be The Favorite Among SM Entertainment’s Senior Artists

“Jeno collecting sunbaes in less than a year.”

NCT‘s Jeno is officially set to feature SHINee Key‘s upcoming solo album, and this may just prove that he is the favorite among SM Entertainment‘s senior artists.

NCT’s Jeno

SHINee’s Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram

The album is set to be released on August 30, and already has many fans highly anticipating it. According to new information, Key has participated in writing lyrics for 4 tracks on the album, making this a personal work that will really show his individual flair.

Track list for Key’s “Gasoline” album | @SHINee/Twitter

Looking through the track list, fans noticed that the song “Villain” is listed as featuring Jeno.

While this instantly had many people excited, the first thing many fans hilariously thought was that Jeno appears to be “collecting sunbaenims.” Within the span of less than a year, Jeno has worked with artists from both of SM Entertainment’s biggest first and second-generation groups.

He was chosen to be the MC in TVXQ‘s The Gold Mission R for their official fanclub magazine, followed soon by a collaboration with Super Junior‘s Donghae in his solo track “California Love,” which now has fans particularly excited for “Villain” with Key.

Jeno’s collaboration with such major names in the industry has become a major source of pride for many NCTzens. It shows not only that he truly is well-loved in SM Entertainment…

…but also that his talent is a standout. After all, Key specifically chose to work with him!

Of course, the two of them do seem to have a cute friendship as well…

But given Jeno’s own success with NCT DREAM, it’s clear that it’s his talent that is being favored! We can’t wait to hear Key’s new album and his exciting choice of collaborator.

Source: SM Entertainment