NCT’s Jisung Reveals What He’d Like To Tell His 25 Year Old Future Self

He has a personal message for himself in the future!

NCT’s Jisung revealed the advice he hopes his self 5 years in the future will heed!

In 2021, Jisung turned 20 years old, making him a legal adult in Korea!

He also recently shot his first solo pictorial with Allure Korea soon after turning of age, and sat down for their Ask Allure segment to answer questions sent in by his adoring fans!

As he answered questions, he came across one that asked him to share his wisdom with the Jisung turning 25, 5 years from now!

As you left a message for 20 year old Jisung back when you were 15, if you were to leave a message for 25 years old Jisung, what would it be?

Jisung then cutely faced the camera, and relayed his message to the 25 year old Jisung in the future! While wishing his future self well, he hopes that his passion for dancing is still the same, and that at 25, he’s become more inspiring than ever!

25…Hey, 25 year old me! I’m 20 year old you. At your time, things would have changed a lot, but I hope you’re still dancing energetically. Improve on your singing skills, and become a more inspirational person to various people.


Jisung also shared love and support for his 25 year old self!

You always have me on your side, so don’t be discouraged. Keep it up!


Jisung at 20 or 25 or 30 and beyond, will still be loved by all of his fans very much!

You can watch his message here!


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