NCT’s Johnny Might Be Accidentally Helping To Promote UCLA Admissions

UCLA responded too!

Last year, NCT 127 posted a photo of Johnny wearing a University of California, Los Angelesย sweatshirt on their social media.

Recently, fans have been resurfacing the image and using it to trick both NCTzens and maybe even UCLA! One edit has it appear that the university had Johnny as a model for their marketing campaigns. They even went so far as to make it look like Johnny was featured on UCLA’s website!

A lot of fans fell victim to their fellow NCTzen’s professional editing skills. They even went on the website to discover that there was no Johnny to be found.

Since so many NCTzens quickly visited the UCLA website to see Johnny, someone raised a valid point… Lowkey, NCT was helping to drive up visits to the university’s website.ย ๐Ÿ‘€

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After seeing the potential of what the website could look like, fans are proposing a potential upgrade.ย If Johnny were really added to the website, it could even increase admissions too.

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Another NCTzen attempted to trick UCLA by claiming her “boyfriend” was accepted and going to the university. UCLA is an accredited university, so they’re too smart to fall for any pranks! They do have a good sense of humor, though, so they retweeted, playing along, but specified in the comments that it was NCT’s Johnny… along with a compliment.ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

This isn’t the first time UCLA has shown some love for him! When NCT 127 originally posted the picture in 2020, they retweeted it then too.

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Source: @NCTsmtown_127