NCT’s Johnny Defends Chicago-Style Pizza, And Says It’s The Number One Pizza In America

Deep dish pizza reminds Johnny of his childhood!

NCT‘s Johnny appeared on Baek Jong Won‘s television show National Food in an episode all about pizza. JTBC uploaded a few highlights from the episode on YouTube including a part where Johnny explained his favorite style of pizza: Chicago deep dish!

Johnny from NCT. | @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

Johnny was born and raised in Chicago, a city famous for its deep dish pizza. He and the two other guests, one from New York and the other from Minnesota, presented their hometowns’ take on pizza.

Johnny (center) reacting to the New Yorker’s opinion on pizza. | JTBC Insight

The three Americans hilariously discussed some of the unspoken rules about pizza: what kind of toppings, if any; should you use utensils while eating it; and which style is the best style.

| JTBC Insight/YouTube

After the other guests presented their pizzas, Johnny showed off his Chicago-style pizza pie and explained its design!

I brought Chicago pizza, and how you eat this pizza is different! We use fork and knife. This is Chicago pizza — kinda like pie! The crust is thick like pie and there’s much more inside. It’s the food that makes us full and can fill our stomach.

— Johnny

| JTBC Insight/YouTube

Johnny said that Chicago pizza is “number one… at least among American pizzas,” gaining some judgemental looks from the other two guests.

“Chicago pizza is number one.” | JTBC Insight/YouTube
| JTBC Insight/YouTube

But Johnny explained that since he grew up in Chicago, his hometown’s style of pizza means a lot to him and reminds him of his childhood.

Johnny as a child with his mother. | JTBC Insight/YouTube 

For me, pizza is like a good friend. It’s one of the foods that I grew up with, since I was little. So whenever I think about the good times from my childhood, I’m reminded of pizza too. Pizza is definitely one of those things I can’t live without.

— Johnny

| JTBC Insight/YouTube

Check out a clip from the episode below!

Source: JTBC and Instagram