NCT’s Johnny Reacts To Being The Most Mentioned Man On Social Media Following His 2022 Met Gala Appearance

Johnny’s “Met Gala” debut will always be legendary.

NCT‘s Johnny made his debut at the 2022 Met Gala, and it couldn’t have been more iconic.

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Thanks to the immaculate design by Vietnamese designer Peter Do and his own charisma and good looks, Johnny easily became one of the main attractions at the event.

In fact, he not only made into the top 5 most mentioned men at the Met Gala, but he topped the list at number 1! That is no easy feat, especially considering the big names he was up against. And not only that, but he also won by a huge margin! Actor Ryan Reynolds came in second with 48 thousand mentions, while Johnny came in first with an extremely comfortable 240k social media mentions.

| @NetBaseQuid/Twitter

Johnny reacted to the news on Instagram, giving NCTzens all the credit for the runaway success that was his Met Gala debut. Posting a screenshot of NetBase Quid‘s ranking, he simply said, “NCTzens are the best.”

Johnny’s Instagram story on May 4 | @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

Johnny may have been the main event, but for him this was all only possible because of his fans!

But NCTzens also know the power of Johnny. He was not only the most mentioned man, but he also trended with a considerable number of tweets on Twitter.

Johnny couldn’t have made a more iconic Met Gala debut. As NCT’s resident fashion king, it was only right that he get the chance to prove how much of an icon he is—and he did it in memorable fashion. Met Gala Johnny will always be remembered!