NCT’s Johnny And Ten Prank NCTzens For April Fools Day But We’re Not Mad About It

Not gonna lie, they had me in the beginning.

In the latest episode of Johnny’s Communication Center, NCT‘s Johnny revealed that he’s back home in Chicago with Ten…or are they?

| NCT/YouTube

The first minute of the video seemed believable enough, with Johnny excitedly welcoming Ten into his home. That is, until Johnny “calls” his mom to ask where she is, only to discover that she flew to Korea. But perhaps the icing on this April Fool’s prank was when they “drove” to the grocery store with the help of a green screen.

Luckily, they made it safe and sound to Target. Looks completely like your average Target, right?

After their Target run, the two decided to go sightseeing by running around Chicago.

They visited Willis Tower, and The Bean in Millennium Park.

| NCT/YouTube

To wrap up their trip, they decided to go to Thailand and visit Ten’s home. How, you may ask? By running, of course.

While we were sad that Ten didn’t actually go to Chicago to visit Johnny’s home, NCTzens were more than happy with the hilarious Johnny and Ten content they got thanks to their April Fools prank video. You can watch it below!