NCT’s Johnny and Yuta Get Their Nails Done In Recent Episode of Johnny’s Communication Center

No toxic masculinity here!

On the newest episode of Johnny’s Communication Center (also known as JCC), NCT‘s Johnny and Yuta visited a nail salon to get their nails done, an activity that Johnny shares he’s been wanting to try out for the past few months.

| NCT/Youtube

The plan was to each have three nails done by a nail artist and two nails done by each other. As they picked out designs, Johnny shared that this was his first time getting his nails done, apparent in his reactions as the nail artist cleaned and prepped his nails. Meanwhile, this wasn’t Yuta’s first time painting his nails, and has previously posted photos of his nail art on Instagram.

Johnny chose to get sunflowers, fried eggs, and a crescent moon with a boy sitting on it like the DreamWorks logo, and Yuta painted Johnny’s index finger black, adding in white stripes and gluing on small silver stars.

| NCT/Youtube

Yuta displayed his creativity and love for bright colors in his nails, opting for abstract colors with a smiley face, a black and white checkerboard, and gold glitter. For Yuta, Johnny did the Chinese kanji for ‘me’ and freestyle lines on a lime green base coat. It was clear how much the two enjoyed this activity as they laughed and did each other’s nails. “These are my babies,” Yuta said proudly with a smile as he showed his nails to the camera.

| NCT/Youtube

Check out their nail adventure below!