An NCT Member Was So Handsome In High School That All His Female Classmates Tried To Date Him

He was popular before he even debuted.

In addition to being multi-talented, the many members of NCT are gifted with handsome visuals.

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One of them was so well-known for his good looks that he drove his female classmates wild—before he even debuted.

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With NCT 127 as guests for The K-Star Nex Door, MC Jonathan dug deep to find interesting information on the members. He discovered that Jungwoo used to be extremely popular among his female classmates. Jonathan said, “When you were in high school, your high school Facebook was filled with girls asking you out.

So many girls were trying to date Jungwoo that some of his classmates voiced their sadness at his popularity and gave up the hope of ever dating him. However, there was an amusing twist.

Grade eleven engineer student Kim Jung Woo. Why is he so popular? No.

— Jungwoo’s Classmate

Despite so many of Jungwoo’s classmates shooting their shot to date him, he admitted he “had no idea about it at the time.” The idol hadn’t known about the high school Facebook page or that all those girls had asked him out. NCTzens were the ones who told him.

Jungwoo’s classmates weren’t the only ones who went crazy over his visuals. As soon as he debuted, Jungwoo became a hot topic for his visuals, talent, and personality.

From Jungwoo’s 2018 debut with NCT U’s “BOSS”.

See Jungwoo’s reaction to being popular among his classmates before debuting as an idol.