NCT’s Jungwoo Tests Positive For COVID-19

We hope he gets better soon!

SM Entertainment recently announced that NCT’s Jungwoo has tested positive for COVID-19. After returning from his Japanese schedule, he received a positive test after taking a PCR test. Below is the official statement.

Hello, this is SM Entertainment. NCT’s Jungwoo has tested positive for COVID-19 today. Jungwoo tested negative on his PCR test before leaving for Japan and was confirmed positive after taking a PCR test after returning to Korea.

Jungwoo has completed the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and is currently showing no symptoms. He has suspended all schedules and is self-isolating in accordance with the guidelines of the quarantine authorities.

Except for Jungwoo, all other NCT 127 members have tested negative after returning to Korea. We will strictly follow the quarantine guidelines and put the artist’s health and safety first so that they can focus on recovery. Thank you.  

Source: newsen