NCT Have Just Broken H.O.T.’s 25 Year Old Best-Selling Record

Congratulations, NCT!

You won’t believe this: NCT have just broken a 25 year old record with their NCT 2020 – Resonance album!

| SM Entertainment

NCT 2020 – Resonance Pt. 1 is NCT’s long-awaited first release as a 23 member group. It was released in October 2020, and is made up of 13 Korean, Japanese, English and Mandarin songs. Its repackage, NCT 2020 – Resonance Pt. 2, was released a month later, adding 7 more songs to the previous tracklist for a total of 21.

On top of being a highly anticipated release, the album saw a great amount of success–and has now broken a 25 year old record!

| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

NCT 2020 – Resonance Pt. 1 has sold 1.5 million copies on its own, and when including sales of the repackaged version, NCT 2020 – Resonance Pt. 2, it comes up to a whopping 2.8 million copies.

This has led it to becoming the highest-selling SM Entertainment album of all time, breaking H.O.T.‘s record of 1.5 million sales for their 1996 album, We Hate All Kinds of Violence!

H.O.T. | SM Entertainment

H.O.T. were SM Entertainment’s first-ever group and were amongst the pioneers of the genre. For NCT to have broken a record set by them is a monumental achievement and truly solidifies the 5-year old group’s place in the industry! No doubt will NCT be remembered as fondly as H.O.T. when considering the history of K-Pop.

We’re looking forward to seeing many more successes in NCT blooming career!

Source: Twitter