NCT’s Lucas Accidentally Exposed His Cigarettes On Camera, Here’s How Fans Are Reacting

His mishap is becoming his fans’ new favorite meme.

Lucas of NCTWayV, and SuperM might have revealed more than he meant to during a live stream with fans today.

Lucas, Hendery, and Winwin recently went live on Instagram and had a hilarious mishap during a sing-along. Just when Lucas was getting his groove on, he accidentally flashed a pack of cigarettes to the camera…

…and his reaction was priceless. He awkwardly stopped dancing, slid out of the frame, then continued filming Hendery and Winwin.

This isn’t the first time fans noticed Lucas’ not-so-secret box. Some also saw it peeking out of his pocket during a video call.

| @HatchyLia_29/Twitter
| @HatchyLia_29/Twitter

Now, fans are flooding Twitter with funny reaction tweets and memes that poke fun at the whole situation. Here are 10+ of them!

1. Warning: incoming price hikes!

2. Everything makes sense now

3. The math is mathing

4. Ten’s anti-smoking campaign

5. Quick! Hide!

6. “Himbo doing Himbo things”

7. If you ask me to meow one more time…

8. Cigarettes? What are *cough* those *wheeze*?

9. SM is coming

10. Facts only

11. Bella needs a babysitter, please