NCT’s Lucas Receiving Criticism For His Sexually Suggestive Shirt

He wore it out in public.

NCT‘s Lucas has been receiving criticism from netizens after being seen in public wearing a sexually suggestive shirt.

On May 22, Lucas was held an Instagram live session for his fans, where he could be seen in his car.

During the Instagram Live, some netizens took notice of his shirt, noticing what appeared to be two women kissing, as well as another woman in a suggestive pose.

Lucas was also seen shopping at a mall while wearing the same shirt.

He was also spotted at a cafe, taking a break from all of his shopping.

A close look at the shirt shows that the shirt is a SUPREME x Rita Ackermann Rayon S/S Shirt sold on Farfetch, and costs ₩590,000 KRW ($475.55 USD).

Some Korean netizens criticized Lucas for wearing that kind of shirt in public.

  • “I just wonder, what was he thinking wearing that?
  • “Even if a regular person was wearing this, I would think it’s disgusting.”
  • “Fucking hell, how does someone go out wearing this?”
  • “If this is real fashion, I’m not wearing clothes anymore.”
  • “How can you go out in public like this?”
  • “That design…”

However, his fans have also come to his defense, claiming it is just fashion and it is okay for him to be wearing it.

Source: Theqoo