NCT’s Mark, Doyoung, And Johnny Apologize For Insensitivity During An Emergency Earthquake Alert

They apologized for their actions.

Recently, K-Pop idol group NCT’s Doyoung, Mark, and Johnny apologized for their insensitive actions related to the Jeju Island earthquake. On December 14 KST, NCT held a comeback live broadcast, NCT Universe Countdown Live, to celebrate the release of their third full-length album. 

Around 5:20 PM KST, news that an earthquake with the magnitude of 5.3 had occurred in Seogwipo, Jeju was reported and an on-site staff member let the members know of the situation during the live stream. However, some of the members, unaware of the situation, danced while singing one of their songs from the new album titled, “Earthquake”. Their actions were broadcast through the live stream, causing controversy online among netizens.

Afterwards, Doyoung, Mark, and Johnny posted individual apologies through their personal Instagram stories regarding the situation. 

| @do0_nct/Instagram

I made a rash mistake while not being fully aware of the situation during the comeback live broadcast. I want to apologize to those who have been hurt and uncomfortable due to my rash remarks. It is a total mistake and there is no excuse for it. In the future, I will do my best to prevent such a mistake from repeating itself.

— Doyoung

| @onyourm__ark/Instagram

I apologize for my actions during the comeback live broadcast. I didn’t properly grasp the situation and showed careless behavior. I will deeply reflect on my actions and try not to show these types of actions from now on.

— Mark

| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

I apologize for my rash actions during today’s comeback live. I will be more careful and think before acting from now on. I truly apologize. I apologize once again to those that were uncomfortable with my actions.

— Johnny

Netizens were also shocked at their actions regarding the earthquake.

  • “The apologizes don’t seem genuine at all.”
  • “Posting an apology through Instagram stories..even though I’m a fan, this isn’t it.”
  • “An apology through Instagram story? It would have been better to write a handwritten one or post an official apology through the agency.”
  • “If you’re going to write an apology, you should write what you did wrong…who are you apologizing to in that message?”
Source: theqoo and sports khan