Fans React To NCT’s Mark “Looking Like An Adult” In Recent Photoshoot

“This theme looks very suitable for him 😵‍💫”

It has been seven years since Mark first debuted in NCT, and in those seven years, he has grown up so much right before our eyes!

Mark (NCT) | SBS

He was just 16 when he debuted with the group, and he arguably looked even younger than that, especially with the styling he was given for NCT DREAM‘s releases.

Mark in NCT DREAM’s “Chewing Gum” in 2016 | SM Entertainment

Even these days, at the age of 24, he often seems to fluctuate between looking his age and looking like a teen, depending on which NCT sub-unit he’s promoting with!

Mark promoting with NCT DREAM
Mark promoting with NCT 127

Recently, though, a certain photoshoot with Esquire has had his fans marveling over how mature and manly he looks.

Dressed in various outfits with neutral colors and oversized fits, Mark gives off an aura of sophistication and maturity in all of the photos released for this shoot.

Fans are in awe of how broad his shoulders look, as well as his undeniably handsome, strong masculine features.

Some of the photos are a bit more serious than others, but they all suit Mark incredibly well, and fans are loving the vibes he’s giving off in them.

It’s amazing to compare him to how he looked several years ago, and this side-by-side really shows just how much he has grown up!

A forum post was made to discuss how much Mark “looks like an adult” in this Esquire photoshoot, and the comments section is full of endearment towards the NCT member.

There is so much to love about the handsome, talented, hard-working Mark!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa