NCT Mark Fansite Under Fire For Retweeting Hate Posts About X1’s Cho Seungyoun

People are pissed.

Recently, a fansite dedicated to NCT‘s Mark has gone under fire for retweeting hateful comments about rookie group X1.

The fansite, sweetpea_mark, retweeted two tweets specifically regarding Cho Seungyoun and his weight. One of the tweets reads,

We know that you search your name online, so please lose some weight. Where did your abs go? Go work out with OO and bring back your abs. Your belly fat isn’t cute at all. Listen to your fans.

Many were upset that a fansite made to support an idol is blatantly making fun of another idol and their weight. Some have pointed out that if they didn’t like Cho Seungyoun, they should have just ignored the tweets. Another tweet she retweeted says,

Cho Seungyoun, your belly fat OOOOO? It’s only been a month since your debut. Wake up.

There are some people in the community who have defended the fansite, however. Some are saying that it’s a mistake and that people who like X1 don’t need to follow her or take her seriously.

Many agree that the retweets should have never happened though. NCTzens are saying that this puts NCT fans in a bad light and that this does not reflect the thought of all NCT stans.

Source: TheQoo