Netizens Debate If NCT’s Mark Has A “Baby Face” Compared To Other K-Pop Idols His Age

Opinions are pretty divided.

Recently on an online Korean forum, a post was made asking whether or not NCT‘s Mark has a baby face compared to other people his age.

Mark (NCT) | SBS

The post actually, more accurately, shared the question if Mark looks young compared to “other 25-year-olds”. This did bring some confusion to international fans, given that Mark was born on August 2, 1999, making him 23 in most places. But based on the current Korean age system, he is actually 25!


Anyway, the post did bring some debate among netizens about whether or not Mark does, indeed, look younger than his actual age (regardless of what age system you use).


Since Mark did debut at such a young age — he was just 16 when he debuted with NCT — we have seen him grow from being a teenager to a handsome young adult over the last seven years. And we’ve also seen him in a lot of different stylings between the NCT sub-units that he’s involved in, which can drastically change how old he looks.

| @onyourm__ark/Instagram

Here are some comments from Korean netizens on the original post, ranging from agreeing that he looks young for his age to saying that he looks like he should for a 23 (or 25) year-old.

| Instiz

  • “He still looks like a baby to me. Maybe it’s because he debuted so young”
  • “IDK, he looks his age to me”
  • “Wait, Mark is 25 years old already?!”
  • “25??? I thought he was in his early 20s”
  • “It might be because I’m also 25, but he looks his age to me”
  • “He’s younger than I am, so he does look like a baby to me. Haha. It also has to do with the way he dresses, I think. When he’s a part of 127, he looks his age. But when he’s with Dream, he looks young”
  • “He is a baby, though. He is young. He’s too young for us to be talking about whether he’s a baby or not. HE IS ONE”

| SM Entertainment

Comments from international fans are quite a bit more divided and opinionated. There are some people that do think he looks young for his age, especially in comparison to other NCT members that were born in 1999.

Others, however, disagree heavily with the idea that he’s baby-faced, and think that his facial structure gives him a more mature vibe.

Still others think that he does look young, but that it’s because he is still young!

Regardless of whether you think Mark looks young, mature, or exactly his age, there’s one thing fans agree on: He’s definitely a handsome guy!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa