NCT’s Mark Received A Special Message From His Biggest Fan On TikTok, And The Cuteness Definitely Didn’t Go Unnoticed

This NCTzen is living the dream!

Every K-Pop fan dreams of being noticed by their favorite idol. Whether on social media, through a fan call, or at a concert, sometimes miracles can happen, and it is enough to make anyone’s year. Well, it seems as if one lucky fan recently had a taste of this with NCT‘s Mark!

NCT’s Mark | @onyourm__ark/ Instagram

TikTok user DevieBullen has been sharing videos of their child being the ultimate NCTzen. From listening to the group’s songs in the car and looking through albums, the child has cemented himself as a true fan and captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

In particular, after Mark dressed up as Spiderman for SM Entertainment‘s Halloween party, the account then posted some videos about that. One was of the child singing along to NCT 127’s new track “Sticker,” before saying, “I wish I could meet Mark Lee Spiderman. I will tell him I’m Spiderman also.”

| @Deviebullen/ TikTok 

In the same video, he was watching one of the group’s videos before adding, “Mark is so cool!

| @Deviebullen/ TikTok 

If you needed evidence that this boy is a serious NCT fan and has Mark as his bias, these videos are proof of it. He even knew that Mark’s favorite fruit was a watermelon. With both men showcasing their inner Spiderman, they would definitely be best friends if they got to meet in real life!

| @Deviebullen/ TikTok 

Well, after NCTzens took to social media to share how adorable the child was, it seems like Mark also got to see one of his biggest fanboys. On November 17 (KST), Mark put two clips of the young boy on his Instagram story.

Fans couldn’t get over the fact that Mark had seen these adorable clips and actually personally wanted to share them with his followers. Yet, if NCTzens thought the boy couldn’t get any cuter, they were wrong!

After Mark shared the clips on his Instagram, the TikTok user shared the boy’s reaction to hearing that his NCT bias had noticed him, and it was definitely cute AF!

| @Deviebullen/ TikTok 

It shows that, despite being world-famous, idols do take time out to see what their fans are doing and will show their appreciation if they can! Mark has proved just how sweet he is, and hopefully, the two can meet in real life soon!

Source: DevienBullen