NCT Mark’s Mindset Towards Hard Work Reflects His Deep Love For His Members

Thank you, Mark, for all your hard work!

On NCT Taeyong‘s vlog, Taeyong, Mark, and Jungwoo went shopping together during their time off in between concerts in Japan. Afterward, they went to a restaurant and ended up reflecting on their thoughts while on tour.

Taeyong started the conversation by stating that thanks to this dome tour, he’s able to feel how precious the opportunity to perform is and how lovely his members and his fans are.

(from left to right) Mark, Taeyong, Jungwoo | TY TRACK/YouTube

Like the fantastic leader he is, Taeyong took the time to reassure Jungwoo about his performance. Jungwoo puts a lot of pressure on himself to do well, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, Taeyong wants Jungwoo to also understand that Jungwoo has been doing incredibly so far, so he should have confidence in his efforts.

Taeyong then shared how thankful he was towards NCTzens, and that he cried at Nagoya because of how overwhelmed he felt by the love of his fans. Jungwoo and Mark agreed with Taeyong’s sentiments, with Mark patting his heart to emphasize how deeply his gratitude for NCTzens is.

Jungwoo asked Mark to explain Mark’s perspective on hardworking people, and Mark’s words reflect just how much he loves NCT and NCTzens.

(I worked even harder) so that other people could be motivated to work harder (while looking at my performance).

While self-improvement plays an important role in motivating Mark, his love is a significant factor behind his constant drive. For his members and fans, Mark can push through hectic schedules and always put his best foot forward. Of course, we also hope that Mark is getting the rest he needs and deserves, but NCTzens are always grateful to see how hardworking Mark is.

Mark wants the other members and fans to receive his energy every time he’s on stage, and it’s clear to everyone that the undying passion in Mark’s heart springs from his overwhelming love.