NCT’s Mark Says He Misses Tim Hortons And Tim Hortons Replies

I think we ALL miss Mark Lee…

NCT DREAM members Mark, Renjun, Chenle, and Jisung recently joined artist and podcast host Eric Nam on K-pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam, where Eric asked Mark what he misses most about Canada. The Vancouverite replied saying he misses popular fast-food chain Tim Hortons!

Less than twenty-four hours later, the official Tim Hortons Twitter account had this to say:

The Twitter account has been replying to NCTzens since posting that tweet. They joked about having named their Dream donut after one of Mark’s many groups, NCT DREAM, and even went so far as to say “Every donut’s a Mark Lee donut ‘cus they’re sweet.

Mark, who was born in Toronto and lived in Vancouver up until moving to Korea to join SM Entertainment, has mentioned Tim Hortons a number of times before, including during NCT 127‘s concert in Toronto.

Fans are loving this interaction with the food chain’s Twitter, and hope Mark sees the tweets soon.