NCT Mark’s Mom Says She Regrets Him Joining SM Entertainment

We are lucky he had an off day!

Most moms would be proud of their kids if they successfully auditioned for SM Entertainment, but NCT Mark‘s mom is not one of those moms.


On a recent episode of TvN’s Life Bar, Mark shared his audition story. Back in 2012, he was only 13 years old, living in Vancouver, and had no ambitions to be an artist.


He focused more on his school work than music.

“Those days, I thought only about school. I still liked music, but not enough to want to do it full-time.” — Mark


It was sheer coincidence that he decided to audition for SM. During a rare day off from school, he happened to come across an SM audition. So he decided to give it a try for fun… and he made the cut right away!

“I wasn’t supposed to have a day off from school when the SM Global Audition was being held. It was my first audition. I went, and I made the cut. It was purely a coincidence that I didn’t have school that day.” — Mark


But his mom regrets ever allowing him to set foot in that audition.

“I shouldn’t have sent him that day.” — Mark’s Mom


She doesn’t hate the fact that he’s become an idol, she just wishes he had auditioned later on, when he was a bit older.

“My mom wishes I hadn’t auditioned and has regrets about letting me go. She thought I was a little too young and had expressed that it would have been better had I been a little older when I auditioned.” — Mark


Heechul then chimed in that he agreed with Mark’s mom. According to him, young idols often miss out on a lot of memorable moments that normal kids enjoy, such as graduation, field trips, getting into college, and making friends.


He wishes Mark had the chance to experience it all, but everyone can’t deny that Mark was made to shine on stage!

Source: E Today