NCT’s Mark Had The Best Reaction When James Corden Forgot To Let Them Do Their Group Greeting

He handled it like a pro!

In K-Pop, there are many things that might seem unique or unusual in the Western music industry. One of the most creative parts of the industry, and something fans love, is group greetings. From BTS, TWICE, and more, they are unique to each group and help them stand out!

The same can be said for NCT. Despite having several subunits, most of them use the iconic “To the world, this is NCT!” 

| NCT 127/ YouTube 

Before any idol or group starts an interview, the members will introduce themselves in this way, and it almost seems automatic for hosts to wait for the group to introduce themselves.

However, it seems as if one person that didn’t get the memo was James Corden! NCT 127 recently appeared on the show The Late Late Show with James Corden to promote their new track “Sticker.”

During the interview, James Corden started by introducing the group. However, instead of waiting for the group to do their greeting, he went straight into asking Mark how excited he was to share the album.

Mark has been an idol for a long time and knows that this is not the way a K-Pop group starts an interview, and he wasn’t afraid to let James Corden know this in the best way possible!

I am really, really, really excited, but I think I am more excited if we kind of got to you know, have our team introduction first. Can we do that?

James Corden seemed initially taken back but allowed the members to do officially start the interview in the way they know best. Even James seemed impressed by it, which is no surprise considering how sleek it is!

With James Corden having spoken to many K-Pop idol groups on his show before, including NCT 127, it was surprising that he forgot. Luckily, Mark was there to get things back in order, and fans couldn’t get enough!

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: The Late Late Show with James Corden