NCT’s Mark Says He Didn’t Get To Enjoy Adolescence Until After His Debut—Here’s Why

“I feel like it came after debut…”

NCT‘s Mark revealed that he didn’t get to truly experience adolescence until after he debuted.

NCT’s Mark | @onyourm__ark/Instagram

In a new YouTube video called “Child’s Diary,” Mark was asked to speak about his adolescence.

| NCT/YouTube

Mark said, “I feel like I had my adolescence after debut actually. The average time for most kids or teenagers to go through their adolescence is at their teenage time in their lives, but for me, I feel like it came after debut.”

Mark said he didn’t want enjoying his youth to get in the way of his practicing as he worked toward making his debut as an idol. He said, “The adolescence wave itself couldn’t interfere with my practicing. That’s how I kind of thought about it while looking back.”

Mark continued by saying he was extremely busy back then because he practiced so much. He said, “Like I had no time for the wave to come, that’s how busy I was with practicing.”

While he didn’t get to fully enjoy his adolescence when it was actually happening, Mark successfully made it to his debut and is currently enjoying life as an NCT member. Although he didn’t get the typical adolescent experience, Mark was able to tap into child-like emotions in his solo song, “Child.”

| SMTOWN/YouTube

He said, “The song it kind of has that rebellious vibe. We all have that in our hearts. I really think we all do, no matter who you are or what age you’re in.”

You can see Mark talk about his adolescence in full below.